What is an integrated wall panel

Integrated wall panel is a collective term for a series of new assembled panels that have emerged in recent years


According to the material, it can be divided into bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall panels, PVC integrated wall panels, solid large panels, etc


Generally, there are 30 cm wide, 40 cm wide, and 60 cm wide integrated wall panels on the market, and some other sizes are not very common.

Production process

Most integrated wall panels are mainly made of PVC resin powder, calcium carbonate powder, bamboo powder, wood powder, and some auxiliary materials, which are mixed, hot extruded, and then coated with a layer of PVC film on the surface. The overall material is relatively environmentally friendly and safe.


Convenient installation, rough wall mounting, time-saving and labor-saving, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and durable, soundproof and heat-insulating, fireproof and waterproof, with diverse designs and colors, complete supporting facilities, and beautiful and generous appearance.


Fast reovation of stores, renovation of old houses, basement or humid environment, home renovation, office renovation, factory workshops

Design style

Customizable decor, wood grain, marble, wallpaper grain can be chosen, paired with matching bamboo and wood lines or metal lines, allowing for various styles and styles of design and construction. It can meet the requirements of the vast majority of homeowners.